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Safety & Health Officer Training

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23 Days


Akademi Profesional KOSAS

Delivery Method

Full Time / Part Time
Classroom / Interactive /Workshop

Course Objectives

The course is designed to enable participants to :

  • Be competent Safety & Health Officer (SHO) ( condition upon passing the SHOexamintaion and registration with DOSH )
  • Identify and conduct hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control 
  • Understand the element OSH-MS
  • Plan and execute OSH programs
  • Appreciate OSH laws and legal requirements 

Course Designed For

OSH Practitioner

Safety Personnel / Managers

Safety and Health Committee Members 

Unregistered Safety and Health Officers

Engineer, Designers and Architects 

Individuals planning to pursue a career in OSH Management

Course Content

Module  1 : Overview of Occupational Safety and Health Management

1.Historical Perspective 

2. Safety and Health Policy , Organization and Arragements

3. Planning  and Implementing Occupation Safety and Health Program 

4. Incident Prevention 

3. Planning  and Implementing Occupation Safety and Health Program 

4. Incident Prevention 

3. Planning  and Implementing Occupation Safety and Health Program 

4. Incident Prevention 

5. Risk Management 

6. Personel Protective Equipment For Safety and Health 

7. Emergency Response Plan And Recovery Measures 

8. First Aid 

9. OSH Promotion Training and Communication 

10. Incident Response and Investigation 

11. Procurement and Contractor Management 

12. Performance Measurement and Monitoring 

13. Auditing 

14. Management Review 

15. Information Technology in OSH 

16. Documentation 

17. Occupational Safety and Health Management System 

Module  2 : Occupational Safety and Health Laws and Regulations 

1. Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health Laws and Regulation

2. Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994

3. Factories and Machine Act 1967

4. Employment Act 1955 and Employees Social Security Act 1969

5. Fire Services Act 1988

6. Petroleum (Safety Measures) Act 1984 and Gas Supply Act 1993

Module  3 : Occupational Health 

1. Occupational Health Overview

2. Fundamental Toxicology 

3. Occupational Health Standards

4. Overview Of Occupational Hygiene 

5. Physical Hazard 

6. Chemical Hazard 

7. Classification and Labelling of Chemical Hazardous to Health 

8. Safety Data Sheet 

9. Chemical Health Risk Assessment

10. Chemical Hazard Management

11. Chemical Monitoring 

12. Biological Monitoring And Health Surveilance 

13. Ventilation 

14. Indoor Air Quality 

15. Biological Hazard 

16. Ergonomics 

17. Ergonomics Risk Factors

18. Occupational Stress

19. Shift Work 

20. Mental Workload 

Module  4 : Occupational Safety

1. Workplace Housekeeping and Arrangements 

2. Machinery Hazards

3. Machinery Protection 

4. Safety of Hand and Power Tools

5. Maintenance of Machine, Guards and Equipment 

6. General Area Fencing 

7. Transportation Safety 

8. Manual Handling 

9. Mechanical Handling 

10. Pressure Vessels 

11. Electrical Safety 

12. Confined Space 

13. Welding Safety 

14. Construction Safety 

15. Fire Safety 

16. Office Safety

Entry Requirement:

Posesses a minimum of SPM / SPMV / MCE or equivalent with at least a Grade Three Pass. For SPM / SPMV after year 2000, a minimum of 6C for Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics and minimum 8E for Science / Physics / Chemistry / Biology and pass 2

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